Who am I?

I'm Mingjie, a student, hacker, and leader. I ran hackathons. I ran in-school coding clubs. I am currently running a non-profit organization that devotes resources into supporting students in need for CS education. I write.

How do I spell Mingjie?

See details on the spelling of my name: spelling.

What is this?

It's my blog. It's where I can actually publish what I have been thinking about peacefully without involving the process of triggering edgy teens and political battles.

Why "The Third Attempt"?

I called it “The Third Attempt” because it’s not only my third attempt to start a blog in general (I’ve written a series about immigration life back in 2016, and I’ve since written random rants on Medium), but it’s also my third attempt over a weekend to set up this blog. I’ve done it now, I guess.

What do I write about?

Most of my ideas come from showers thoughts, so I simply jot them down without thinking too hard. I also publish write ups about the things that I have been building technologically.

How often do I write?

Not very often, which is also why I wanted to set up something like this. When I feel like what I think about matters, I will convince myself to think more and think harder. But I don't write very frequently. I want to keep the quality of this blog high.

You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. (Bill Watterson)