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Internet things that I have been roaming around in the past few weeks. A lot of the content that I'm reading come from Tonic.

Microbrowsers are Everywhere
Colin Bendell gets into the minutia of microbrowsers - the small previews of your site that are pervasive all around the web and through social media apps and search engines whenever an item of content on your site is referenced.
What Post Scarcity Means: Why the post-scarcity economy is hard to reason about
Many act like post-scarcity is some pipe-dream. The stuff of utopian fairy-tales and science fiction. I beg to differ. Actually, I think in many respects, it is already here in the US. We just don’t see the abundance right beneath our noses because our current economic paradigm makes it incomprehens…
Is Artificial Sweetener Bad for You?
Why drink a soda packed with nearly 40 grams of sugar when there’s a sugar-free alternative that tastes just as sweet? Given the health risks of a diet high in sugar — experts say consuming too much…




Infinity is a simple online puzzle hunt/jeopardy-style CTF platform. - itsmingjie/infinity
Execute Big 2.0, with a minimalistic vision and a clearer focus. - executebig/www