Taking Friendly Pictures of Your Friendly Hack Club: A Friendly Guide

Now you have gotten a Hack Club started. Horray! But what’s next?

Keep track of your club meetings by taking some pictures — not only will it help you grow your community in the future, it will also help you when you try to explain Hack Club to other people.

School administrator: Hey, what’s Hack Club? What do you do there?

Instead of explaining for a whole 10 minutes what the word “hack” really means to us (yeah, we’ve all been there), show them a few of your meeting pictures. Show them how your club members have been building these crazily fascinating projects. Show them that your club is a truly friendly community.

Taking Pictures of Your Club

To assist you even better (and to help us grow the leadership community, too), we share your club meeting pictures on our social media! Here’s a brief guideline of the kinds of pictures that we would love to see more of.

The Smilies

Who doesn’t love a positive club? Take close-up shots of your club members either working (so they are not looking directly at the camera), or just straight up smiling at you. If you have phones with depth camera, blur the background to make your member the spotlight of the image.

The “Family Portrait”

This is more common among events, but it also works for your club. The more people you have in attendance, the crazier the picture will look.

The hardest part of this picture is remembering to take it.

The Sticker Brag

Hack Club has the coolest stickers on the internet. Show them off! Take pictures of your members putting our stickers everywhere, just like the ones above, or… this.

The Workshop

These are the classic pictures that leaders always submit —

These are just a few examples of what kind of pictures you might want to take, but be creative! We’d love to see fun pictures of your meetings coming our way ❤

Meanwhile, do keep those tips in mind (since we do find quality of pictures very important):

  • Take landscape pictures (except for close-up portraits): Twitter doesn’t like vertical pictures a whole lot, and on the preview thumbnail, they always chop off the top and bottom of your picture if it’s vertically too long. We don’t really want to see our club members headless.
  • Assign someone to take the pictures: Assming you have more than one leader running your club, you should dedicate someone for taking pictures (or at least assign them such task before the meeting)! This prevents you from rushing the pictures or forgetting to take them at all.
  • Make sure your members are ok with being photographed: Please ask your members if they would like to appear in the pictures first. While a written consent form is not strictly required, it’s best if you can get their permission before you take the shot! (If you run a Hack Club Bank event, the photo release waiver is already included in your Event Liability Release — see Clause 4.)
  • Run great club meetings first: Keep in mind that while taking great pictures will help you expand your influence, you still need to be running awesome meetings (But I’m sure you’re doing that already!)

Sharing Pictures of Your Club

Hack Club’s social media team has prepared a few awesome tools for you to share your pictures with.

Orpheus’s Social HQ

This is the latest tool that we’ve built to directly queue your pictures for sharing on our social media. Use the link pinned in the #leaders channel on Slack to get started, and Orpheus will generate a pre-formatted post for you on our social media! All you need to do is fill in the form at least 24-hours ahead of time, and we’ll handle the rest!

If you’re enrolled in our new email check-in system, the link can also be found in the email.

Dropbox/Google Photos

Have a lot of pictures that you need to share with us? You have choices:

  • You can directly upload these image files to our picture dropbox: https://dropbox.hackclub.com
  • Or, for your own future reference, you can upload them to a Google Photos Album, and share the link with us after turn link sharing on! Simply ping Mingjie(@itsmingjie) on Slack with the link to your album.

Your Own Social Media

It’s your own club, so be proud of it! Share your pictures to your own social media accounts (or your club’s!), but be sure to tag/mention us! We’ll be sharing your post to our audiences as well.

We’re looking forward to seeing pictures of your club coming our way! Please let any staff member know if you need assistance in making your club more awesome.

Originally published on the Hack Club Medium Blog.

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