Setting and tracking personal goals for my 2020.

Long-shot Goals

  • Stay outside my comfort zone, try new things, continue to "be comfortable with being uncomfortable"
  • Enjoy anything that I decide to do aside from my mandatory chores
  • Learn to set aggressive goals that I'm motivated to achieve
  • Stay in touch with people that I enjoy talking with
  • Build real, long-term, and meaningful relationships with more people
  • Waste less time, especially those wasted sleeping

Measurable Goals

✅ Completed

  • Getting my drivers license – 1/27/2020
  • Invest in stock market – 2/2020, very bad idea
  • Hit 1,000 unique visitors on blog (1,638/1000) – 6/2/2020

🕑 Awaiting

  • Finish the #hackathons series of my blog
  • Build 2 software projects with a new programming language (0/2)
  • Publish 25 blog entries (6/25)
  • Attend 3 hackathons (2/3)
  • Finish reading 8 books (3/8) - Everything I Never Told You (school), A Long Way Gone (school), One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories (entertainment)
  • Try something new every quarter of the year (0/4)

⛔ Ended

  • Finally visiting back to China (no longer possible)
  • Intern at another non-traditional workplace over summer (plan changed)
  • Travel 8 times to different places (1/8) (no longer possible)