Hey, I'm Mingjie.

I live in the intersection of technology and education, building software, writing blog posts, and running events. I use he/him pronouns.

Read about my personal mission for 2020.

I was recently featured on 21st Visionary Podcast with my co-founder Megan, where we talked about the story behind Execute Big and our view for the current CS education landscape. Listen Here ยป

I'm currently attending the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley as a first-year student while also busy building:

  • Execute Big: a non-profit organization aiming to remove barriers of entry to technology for students of underrepresented demographics. We are currently researching on how to improve CS education programs and increase representation of underrepresented minorities and women in CS.
  • Infinity: an open-source mystery puzzle hunt server written to redeem myself after a sysops meltdown.
  • CodeLabs: planning the future of the virtual internship program for everyone.
  • M3TA: the hackathon for hackathon organizers driven by the community; coming 2021.
  • ... and smaller side-projects to keep my downtime occupied.

You can follow me via:

DMs are always open. Send thoughts, ideas, offers, criticisms, challenges, whatever. Email me: [email protected] (?).

You can find a copy of my resume here.