Hey, I'm Mingjie.

I build software, write blog posts, and run events. I will soon be attending the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley, with an intention to study Computer Science. I use he/him pronouns.

Read about my personal mission for 2020.

I was recently featured on 21st Visionary Podcast with my co-founder Megan, where we talked about the story behind Execute Big and our view for the current CS education landscape. Listen Here ยป

I'm currently busy building:

  • Execute Big: a non-profit organization aiming to help more students, leaders, and schools utilize our resources to support, join, and lead innovative programs.
  • Execute Big Research: doing research on how to improve CS education programs and increase representation of underrepresented minorities and women in CS.
  • Hack Club Alum: Hack Club's own alumni networking portal.
  • ... and smaller side-projects to keep my downtime occupied.

You might also know me from:

  • Enlite: an online community of self-motivated learners.
  • CodeLabs: 100% online tech internship for everyone.

I have previously organized:

  • Flagship Summit: a 3-day conference in San Francisco flying in 75 students from all around North America, learning to run events and clubs from each other, as well as professionals like Tom, Dave and the Lieberman brothers;
  • Hack Chicago: the Midwest's largest 24-hour high school hackathon to-date, featuring 250 passionate students from 25 states;
  • CodeDay DC: a beginner-oriented event in the DC metro area, attended by a total of 400+ students over 2 years;
  • Smaller local/private events with the Execute Big team: McDonogh Hacks at McDonogh School in Baltimore, Hacks Academy at Gilmour Academy in Cleveland.

Also honored to have mentored other talented community members who successfully launched some of their region's first or largest events.

You can follow me via:

  • Now: find out what I'm doing in real-time.
  • Twitter: short thoughts and opinions.
  • The Third Attempt: longer pieces of writing and journaling.

DMs are always open. Send thoughts, ideas, offers, criticisms, challenges, whatever. Email me: [email protected].

You can find a copy of my resume here.