Hey, I'm Mingjie,

...and I'm building diverse & highly accessible CS exploration programs for everyone. Read about my personal mission for 2021.

I'm currently studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley while also building:

  • Cal Hacks: hosting the largest and coolest collegiate hackathon every year, as well as a ton of other smaller initiatives. Executive director 2021-2022.
  • Execute Big: a non-profit organization I co-founded in 2019, aiming to remove barriers of entry to technology for students of underrepresented demographics.
  • CodeDay Labs: planning the future of the virtual internship program for everyone; writing curriculum, analyzing results, and growing the program.
  • Build the Future: the entrepreneurship hub & DeCal at Berkeley.
  • ... and smaller side-projects to keep my downtime occupied.

Every project that I have previously worked on helped me grow tremendously as a person:

  • Hack Club: helped building the largest online community of of high school coding clubs and makers around the world; organized the first-ever Flagship leadership summit, gathering 75 student leaders around the world to San Francisco.
  • INTEGIRLS: wrote supporting infrastructure for the global nonprofit bridging the gap in competitive problem solving.
  • CodeDay DC: brought the local beginner-friendly hackathon-style event from 30 attendees to 150.

DMs are always open. Send thoughts, ideas, offers, criticisms, challenges, whatever. Email me: [email protected], or you can also follow me on Twitter. By the way, I sometimes write.

You can find a copy of my resume here.